Balance and Coordination

Sure Steps Balance Center specializes in helping those with dizziness and potential falling hazards by treating the cause of the condition. Our staff and health care providers have been extensively trained in diagnosing and successfully caring for balance disorders.

Typically you will be scheduled for a complete balance evaluation to determine the best care for you. If you are incapable of coming inot our office or pose a risk of falling, custome made Orthotic casting may be prescribed for yu t oassist in preventing a fall.

Our goals of treatment for are simple: 1. Reduce your risk of falling. 2. Restore your balance. 3. Restore your strength and flexibility. 4. Restore your ability to get back to a normal life.

Below are some facts associated with falling and the resulting health/cost consequences. If you or someone you know is suffering from vertigo/dizziness call our office for an appointment or more information concerning how we may help and/or prevent the condition from worsening.


* According to a 25-year study in Finland, older people are falling and getting hurt at an increasing rate, probably because the number of elderly is rising and many are taking medications that can cause them to lose their balance

* Over 2 million people fall and sustain serious injury annually

* In the U.S., falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries to the elderly after falls

* The U.S. spends $20.2 Bilion annually for the treatment of injuries to the elderly after falls

* During the 20th century, the number of persons in the U.S. under age 65 has tripled; during the same time, the number of persons age 65 and over has increased by a factor of 11

* The elderly population will double between now and the year 2050 to around 80 million; most growth will occur between 2010-2030 as the "baby boom" generation hits the elderly years

* The majority of money spent on medical attention after a fall is hip fracture care, which averages $35,000 per patient.

Sources: American Academy of Ortopaedic Surgeons, American Academy of Otolaryngology, U.S. Census Bureau, Published study in the May 26, 1999 Journal of tthe American Medical Association

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