Smoking Cessation


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R adiation

The same type laser that a surveyor uses and that is used on compact discs can now treat pain and the urge to smoke. Laser beams have been used for a number of years. This is often described as bio-stimulation of energy on meridian points associated with the desire to smoke. It is similar to acupuncture meridian points, but with the soft laser there is no pain or even heat involved; it is entirely painless.

The soft laser works to produce a light beam of high wavelength and low energy. The reason the soft laser does not burn is that it is no more powerful than a 60-watt bulb. A side effect of the treatment for some people is some drowsiness and perhaps a little light-headedness, which may come from withdrawal, so it is cautioned that if drowsiness does occur, do not drive until the feeling passes.

Laser is the most modern form of therapy available today
Soft laser (infra-red) is painless, it only stimulates acupuncture points
Laser is usually effective in only one treatment (for nicotine addiction)
You must want to quit smoking
Diet and withdrawal points are included in the stop smoking treatment
Separate pain relief treatment available
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